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Thank you for visiting the page of
Empowering Through Education (ETE) Camp,
an educational summer camp founded in 2009
in Hinche, Haiti. Unfortunately, the page is currently under construction but come back soon for a more up to date site
in celebration of ETE Camp 2013, the organization's 5th consecutive summer!

-Shaina Gilbert, Founder & Director

For now enjoy
a glimpse into the efforts you are supporting in Hinche, Haiti:

                  Video courtesy of PressPassTV

Interested in making a Donation?

Please click on the orange "Donate" link on the right panel---------

If you wish to send a check to "ETE Camp" or cash;--------
Please mail to 566 Walk Hill St. Boston, MA 02126 or email ete_camp@yahoo.com

Your generosity supports:

$5 ... supplies arts & craft and basic school supplies (3 pens, 3 pencils, sharpener, 2 notebooks)
$10... gives ETE Camp T-shirts for a youth participant
$20... funds for a week of gas/coal used to cook
$50... provides Entire summer full of meals for an ETE participant
$100... supplies children with clean drinking water for water breaks/meals
$300... cost to send an ETE Camp participant to school in the fall
$500… cost to send a *child worker to BOTH ETE Camp and School in the Fall
*Most ETE Camp youth participants are domestic child laborers who do not attend school regularly


-notebooks (single or 3-subject)
-pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers
-folders, index cards
-scissors, markers, crayons, colored pencils
-literacy teaching materials, early literacy books

-arts and crafts materials (glue, construction paper, stickers, etc)
-recreational supplies/Toys (Soccer ball, BINGO, Connect Four, twister, jump ropes, etc.)
-paint (paint for a mural / face paint)

-hand sanitizer
-first-aid materials

-hygienic supplies for care package (deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, combs, toothpaste, tooth brush, soap, etc.)
-school bags / back packs
-in-kind or new children-sized sneakers / clothes (ages 8-15)

- in-kind or new laptop
- in-kind or new printer / ink
-mini-school bus