Ways to Support to ETE Camp

In order to best continue our efforts in supporting our youth; future leaders of Haiti; we need help and donations are very, very important... Donations ETE receives are 100% used to benefit youth living in Haiti.
Donations include monetary or in-kind donations (school supplies: Pens, Pencils, Paper (not notebooks), Arts and Crafts materials (e.g. glue, glitter, construction paper, markers, paint, stickers), English Reading/Math (1-3 grade) Teaching Materials / Fun Activities, Folders (with pockets), Index cards, School bag, Recreational supplies/Toys

Sample Toys:
Connect Four, twister, Jenga, Playing Cards, UNO's, Jump Ropes, Soccer ball, Football, etc.)
$5 ... supplies arts & craft and basic school supplies (3 pens, 3 pencils, sharpener, 2 notebooks)

$10... gives ETE Camp T-shirts for a youth participant

$20... funds for a week of gas/coal used to cook

$50... provides Entire summer full of meals for an ETE participant
To Support, Please....

Donate Online, **Please go to the side bar and scroll up**

Send a check to "ETE Camp" or cash

Let us know how you wish to coordinate how we can receive in-kind donations from you

Please mail to
566 Walk Hill St. Boston, MA 02126 (Note: All tax-deductible)

Email us
ete_camp@yahoo.com with any questions