Counselor Biography: Adora Gaul

Hello, Everyone!

My name is Adora Gaul and I am an E.T.E. Camp Counselor for Summer 2009! I am from Egleston Square in Roxbury. My family, the Monestimes, are from Hinche, Haiti. My mother and her family left Haiti in the 1960's for political reasons and as a child hearing the stories and experiencing my culture, I knew I had to reconnect to Haiti, personally. As, a Brandeis University student I am majoring in International and Global Studies focusing on Development and Education. This camp is a culmination of my studies and my passion for my country. I am really excited to go work in the town my family is from, hopefully see some of my cousins and most importantly being able to bring back my experience and develop it into an initiaive to study and improve Haiti's educuational system to promote development!

For everyone who is reading this, thank you for the support and PLEASE DONATE!